About Us

ME MUSIC RECORDS is a business focused on supporting independent artists in their music journey. We believe that every artist deserves a chance to be heard, and we provide the tools and resources to make that happen. With our platform, artists can easily distribute their music to a wide audience and gain the recognition they deserve.

Our principles

We believe in providing a platform for independent artists to showcase their talent and reach a wider audience. Our goal is to empower artists and help them succeed in the music industry.

Supporting the Music Community

Free Distribution to Digital Platforms

Empowering Independent Artists

We offer free distribution services to over 200 digital platforms, ensuring that your music reaches thousands of people worldwide. We believe in removing barriers and making music accessible to all.

We are committed to supporting the music community by providing resources, guidance, and opportunities for growth. We believe in fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment for artists to thrive.

a man with a beard and a pink shirt
a man with a beard and a pink shirt

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